The Laboratories and facilities described, as well as performing R&D activity and supporting advanced graduation and pos-graduation courses under the responsibility of the CEMOP, CENIMAT/I3N and MSD, are also open to lend services and to perform applied and basic research project under financed contracts. The external services are divided on the four research groups. Each group is responsible for the respective laboratory.

List of Laboratories:

Laboratory of Surface Analysis

Laboratory of Nanofabrication

Atomic Force Microscope

Laboratory of Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

Laboratory of Rheology

Laboratory of Optical, Mechanical, Electro-Optical, Contact-angle and Surface Characterization

Laboratory of Electrospinning and Mechanical Testing

Laboratory of Viscometer and Melt Flow Index

Laboratory of Biomaterials

Laboratory of Tissue Engineering

Laboratory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - NMR spectroscopy