About us

Characterizing the CEMOP/UNINOVA Infrastructure

The Center (CEMOP) is specially equipped for Research & Development, service providing and training activities in five main areas:

  1. microelectronic and optoelectronic devices' conception/production technologies and processes;
  2. tribologic and optic coatings;
  3. system project and conception;
  4. material and device characterization;
  5. and also device simulation/modeling.

In pursuit of its objectives, CEMOP takes part in several research projects, both fundamental and applied, involving universities, institutes and companies, both National and International. CEMOP's privileged partner for R&D related activities is the Center for Materials' Research of the FCTUNL (CENIMAT), with whom it cooperates on a regular basis.

Main Activities


Semiconductor, transparent conductive oxide, semiconductor/oxide alloy and new welding metallurgic system's development and processing.

solar cell

Solar cell development and processing; position sensors; gas sensors; infrared detectors; image sensors; non volatile memory systems; high permittivity and lateral area mini and micro capacitors; color sensors; thin film transistors; MOS and TTL devices; new micro-welding processes.


Material and device characterization, modeling and simulation.


Project and conception of repair/maintenance technical assistance systems for vacuum systems (clean rooms); photovoltaic system dimensioning; development and production of industry pre-production and prototype units, in the above stated areas.