Laboratory of Surface Analysis

Currently Price List (points/hour)
1 point = 1€ (+IVA)

Equipment CEMOP FCT-NOVA Other Universities Others
X-ray and UV photoelectron spectrometer (XPS/UPS) with imaging mode 80 120 160 200
XPS/UPS with argon depth profiling (including cluster mode) 100 150 200 250
XPS/UPS with in situ heating and cooling 120 180 240 300
Advanced data analysis (e.g. peak deconvolution) using CasaXPS 40 60 80 100

Booking available in daily sessions (please consult the equipment responsible).
Samples require minimum 2h for introduction into the chamber.
Heavily outgasing samples may be refused due to risk of contamination.
An inert sample transporter for usage with a glove box is available.

Sessions are organized in the following way:
11h-17h30 for sample introduction during lunch.
16h of the day before + 10h-17h30 for sample introduction during night.

Minimum booking: 2 hours
Afterwards the session will be charged in blocks of 1 hour.
Prolonged analysis can be run automatically during nights/weekends.