Pedro Barquinha @ 90 Segundos de Ciência


Pedro Barquinha, Associate Professor at the Materials Science Department of the Nova School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA)

and researcher at the Materials Research Centre (CENIMAT), coordinates the TREND project, an initiative that aims to study the development of transparent and flexible electronics for application on smart surfaces.

Started in 2017, the TREND project emerged from the combination of two areas, transparent and flexible electronics based on semiconductor oxides, and nanofabrication. Nanofabrication consists of using production techniques to manufacture devices with manometric dimensions, thinner than a strand of hair.

In this project, Pedro Barquinha is studying how semiconductor oxides behave in a one-dimensional nanowire structure. From these wires, the researcher is evaluating the functionalities of these oxides with different types of materials, in order to create devices that can be applied to smart surfaces.

"Currently we already understand what kind of properties our materials will have as we process them, and we already have some components manufactured in terms of energy harvesting, or energy harvesting, which allows us to power small objects," he reveals.

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