Elvira Fortunato will support the ECB in choosing the theme of future euro banknotes


Professor Elvira Fortunato, Vice-Rector of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where she is also coordinator of the research area, is the Portuguese representative in the group that will support the European Central Bank (ECB) in defining the theme and motifs that will appear on future euro banknotes. 

Professor Elvira Fortunato is one of 19 members from all euro area countries participating in the Theme Advisory Group, created by the ECB. This group is composed of experts from different fields of knowledge and is responsible for proposing a list of potential themes and suggesting motifs to be included in a new series of euro banknotes. The Theme Advisory Group will also develop a narrative for the themes selected for the production and issuance of this third series of euro banknotes, based on the results of public surveys.

The work of this group will take place over the coming months and is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022.

The selection of Professor Elvira Fortunato as the Portuguese representative in the ECB's Theme Advisory Group was based on her academic curriculum, which includes more than 500 scientific publications and multiple international prizes and awards, in addition to her research work on transparent electronics and paper transistors.

Text: Banco de Portugal


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