DCM - CENIMAT - CEMOP winners @ Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge


The 12th edition of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge - Innovative Technologies for Sustainability 

took place yesterday, 27th, and awarded the ideas based on master's and doctoral theses that best responded to the motto "Innovative Technologies for Sustainability".

In a society where the quantity of electronic devices tends to increase exponentially, Emanuel Carlos (NOVA School of Science and Technology) won the 1st place in the PhD category with a proposal to rethink the life cycle of these devices. Using ecological materials and thinking about a more sustainable production process, Emanuel proposes to decrease the carbon footprint of these devices exploring the path towards a new era of green electronics.

A promising and innovative alternative for the non-invasive monitoring of glucose (diabetes) is a membrane of a metal oxide. This was the proposal of Maria Morais (NOVA School of Science and Technology) that won the 2nd place in the Masters category showing that this flexible membrane has the potential to be used as a simple patch that after each use allows to estimate the concentration of glucose absorbed in its structure. With a 3-step production process, these membranes could pave the way not only for a new era of glucose sensors but also for a variety of other innovative applications.

Both winners were supervised by Prof. Dr. Elvira Fortunato during their training at DCM, CENIMAT and CEMOP.

For full information, please see the press release  >>HERE<<