Marie Curie Positions for PhD in Glasgow

4 Marie Curie Early Stage Researchers (PhD) positions are available. These positions come with attractive salary (annual ~€50K) and opportunity to network with multidisciplinary teams in EU countries. If you know a good candidate interested in the eSkin, flexible electronic devices/circuits and their application in robotics/Prosthetics/Wearables, then please let me know or ask the student to write to Dr. Ravinder Dahiya <>. There is some flexibility in terms of start date. As per EU regulations, the candidate should meet following conditions:

  • Should not have more than 4 year full-time equivalent research experience since obtaining the degree which makes them eligible to start PhD
  • Should not have obtained PhD at the time of recruitment.
  • Should not have been in the UK for primary work for more than 12 months in last 36 months.